Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates (formerly the Water Assembly)

About us


The Water Assembly is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that was born in 1997.  (Our Policies and Procedures, Bylaws, Officers and Board of Directors).  Grass-roots based, the Assembly has always sought public participation in a variety of ways as well as sound scientific analysis. The Assembly’s purpose is to assure effective implementation of the Middle Rio Grande Regional Water Plan through an open, inclusive, and participatory process so as to achieve the common interests of the people and stakeholders of the region for a sustainable water future that balances water use with renewable supply in accordance with the stated goals of the Plan.  

The Water Assembly organization conducts an Annual Water Assembly convocation, usually in the late spring or early fall.  During that convocation, six self-selected Interest Groups each meet to review and revise the Interest Group's mission statement, and to select two representatives on the Board of Directors for the coming year.  The Board of Directors meets quarterly or as needed.  Officers are elected by the Board.  The officers constitute an Executive Committee that conducts business between Board meetings.  Working teams are established for special projects as needed.

The Water Assembly’s role is to encourage implementation of our plan so we can get a handle on the future. Our 1999 Water Budget revealed a deficit between the water we’re using and the water coming into our region. Our Regional Water Plan documents this shortfall and gives strategies to balance our Water Budget. Straight talk is necessary to implement our plan — as is straight action.

Need more information?  See how to get involved and how to contact us for more information.  A list serv for discusion of water-related issues and announcements is available at MRGWA@waterassembly.org.  The list serv is available to anyone who subscribes.  Please contact Carolyn Kennedy to be enrolled (to minimize spam and viruses, only subsribers can post to the list).

Bob Wessely, Water Assembly President
505 454-0555



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